Welcome to the world Eileen Noelle Seise

Weird, I just realized that I never posted Eileen’s birth announcement.  Strange that I missed it, but better late than never.  HERE she is.  Of course, she is a little older now and has a baby of her own.


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Welcome to the world Daniel Kevin Seise

We are pleased to announce the newest addition to the family and welcome the arrival of Daniel Kevin Seise.


He and Mom are doing well and big sister Eileen is in for a bit of a shock when he comes home with us.  She has recently started playing with her “babies” around the house, but had little interest in meeting Daniel yesterday.  She is a bit of a ham and really enjoyed running up and down the hallway.

Mom is recovering from the procedure pretty well and is in really good spirits.  The pain is bearable and she is looking forward to coming home.

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Pregnant again and a new toy

Wow, I just realized how long it has been since I updated this thing.  Eileen is about one and a half and we have another one on the way.  New Kid should be here in a week or two.  

What a long time it has been.  I have acquired an old sailboat and am in the process of fixing that up, so I will be posting some pictures.  We just had her out sailing on Lake George and she sails like a dream.  The old boat is a 1978 Com Pac 16 which was in pretty bad shape.  I have been patching fiberglass, scrubbing, painting, scrubbing, installing an electrical system, scrubbing, and installing a stereo system.  Overall, it is looking pretty good.

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Mashpee Super Swim

Well, I have successfully completed my first open water race. The Cape Cod Super Swim in Mashpee, Mass. I competed in the 5 K (3.1 mile) challenge and clinched fourth in my age group. Well, there were only four of us in the group, but I was still in there. I missed third place by about 1:30. That’s not bad for my first open water race and really my first open water swim.

I learned a few things about open water races.
1. Hope for warm enough water. It seemed like today was about 75, which was perfect for swimming.
2. You can’t see crap, so swimming straight is virtually impossible. Even if you follow the person next to you, you could end up 50 yards off course without realizing it.
3. Open water, deep water starts mean you will get trampled when the whistle blows. Just start swinging and hope for the best.
4. Hydration is important before the race, because there is no where to stop on the course.
5. Don’t stop on the course, or else rule 3 kicks in.
6. Don’t be old. Apparently, in order to get a spot in the top three you need to be under 21. I am guessing that when you hit 21 you swim less and drink more.

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First official swim race is entered!

After two years of training, I have finally committed to doing a real swim event. I have finally entered my first race and I picked a winner. The Cape Cod Super Swim is a 3.1 Mile (5 K) open water swim in a cold pond on Cape Cod. I am looking forward to this, but it could suck. I have been practicing and can swim a 5K in the pool with no problem. We will see how this open water thing goes. Here is the event

I am also thinking about not taking any medications to test the theory that my lung issues are related to the chlorine or chloramine issues in the YMCA pool. I found a few studies showing my symptoms and linking the pulmanary issues to chlorinated pools. Here is one (http://ajrccm.atsjournals.org/content/161/5/1479.full)

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Baby update

I never realized how stupid I was until I tried to install car seats and set up a Pack N’ Play for the first time. This isn’t the longest post in history, but it is more of an honest confession. Seriously, there is no way that Pack N’ Play will ever get packed away again. Don’t even get me started on the child seat bases. I have installed the bases in both cars, but I don’t understand how it will stay put.

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End of the Year Wrap Up

What a long crazy year this has been. I have not really kept up with the blogging since work decided to kick my ass, my car decided to crap out, and my wife decided to get knocked up. Sadly, I suspect that this time next year I will be considering these the “good old days”. The wife and I are excited and nervous about the prospect.

This coming year, I plan to make some more frequent updates to this site. I have dumped Facebook and will be coming here to post most of my updates. The privacy issues of Facebook have forced me to give up hope of keeping my info private and under my control. At least on this site, the permissions will not keep changing.

I have helped my sister in law setup her own blog and probably need to put a plug here to redirect to Playground Talk. Check it out if you are looking for information on local playgrounds and places to take the kids.

I managed to swim a little over 100 miles this year despite my best efforts. The Sussex County YMCA hours have been pretty rough to work with on my work schedule. Hopefully this coming year will be better. I am renewing my U.S. Master Swimmer memership and just replaced my headphones from H2O Audio. Of course, Apple decided to change up the iPod Shuffle and my next headphone replacement will have to include a new iPod also.

Got some kayaking in over the summer and managed to drop about 20 pounds before putting the winter weight back on. The fact that a tree fell on our house during Hurricane Irene and I wasted most of my free time cleaning up after that was not helpful.

Oh, and I almost forgot! Santa was very good to me! I got a bunch of stuff, but the most impressive was an Official Red Ryder Carbine 650 Air Rifle which my loving wife gave me! I have not even shot my eye out yet!

Sadly, we lost one of the three cats. Of course, it was the wrong one. Scarface succombed to Feline Parva (AKA Distemper). Unfortunately, Stoopid Cat is still alive and kicking. I have requested to take him out and dress him up as a coyote this coming week during the start of Coyote hunting season in New Jersey. Wife doesn’t seem thrilled with the idea. What a Party Pooper.

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Site Updates

I am working to cleanup the Photo Album page for this site. The old photo album had a bunch of old photos and was lacking the wonderful depth of content I felt it deserved. I am working to create a new gallery and will put it up soon.

Oh, and I am working to keep the spammers out again. I deleted the old gallery because I had about 3,000 spammers listed as registered users. Luckily, they never actually finished the registration process, but it made filtering out the real users impossible.

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Switched to Debian

In 2005, I wiped my home computer of all traces of anything Microsoft. I completely switched away from Windows to Linux. I will never go back. Since that time, I have added a few systems and converted my wife to Linux. She has been using it on her laptop for a few years now and we have never had a single virus or computer problem which wasn’t some sort of hardware issue or user error.

One of the key things about using Linux is figuring out which “distribution” to use. The one I chose was Ubuntu which at the time was the latest and greatest version with the most chatter and followers. One of the key features was the ease of installation and use. Since I got into Linux around 2003, I have tried several other distributions (Mandrake, Puppy, Knoppix, Fedora, OpenSuse, Debian, Ubuntu, Slackware, and Gentoo) and It really is amazing to see what Ubuntu has accomplished.

Unfortunately, Ubuntu’s drive to keep it fresh and stay on the cutting edge has made it a little bit unpredictable. Some of the new features have wiped out old features which worked really well. So I looked around and have decided to switch. Debian Linux is one of the oldest versions out there and is entirely community maintained. That means, instead of a single company making decisions on what goes into the operating system, the user base and volunteer developers all work together and decide what should be included and how it should be configured. Development is slow and release dates can be unpredictable but in the Linux world, Debian is the undisputed king of stability.

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Cat might have to die!

Our stupid cat has decided to start peeing on my stuff. The various local shelters are telling us that they can’t take anymore cats because the housing collapse has caused too many people to give up their pets. We took him to the vet today and were given a few meds to try and if that doesn’t work, the little bastard is going OUTSIDE!

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